Medical Missions (Honduras)

Vascular Disease and Vein Treatment Through Medical Missions

Volunteering Vascular Treatment for Underserved Populations

As a vein doctor, specialist, and surgeon Dr. Robelen donates his time, expertise, and service to those in need whose needs would otherwise go unmet. Dr. Robelen’s dedication to vascular disease is the result of his commitment to helping people in need.

Illinois Doctor and Vein Specialist OutreachDr. Robelen has been privileged enough to join a group of doctors with a non-profit organization to treat individuals in the underserved jungles of central Honduras. Dr. Robelen’s compassion and commitment has been utilized to treat venous disease and vein ulcers on these medical missions improving the quality of live for more than 200 patients each day.

Southern Illinois Vein Center Philosophy

All of the team members at Southern Illinois Vein Center share Dr. Robelen’s commitment and compassion when it comes to vascular disease and treating painful conditions like varicose veins. Our vein treatment clinic follows Dr. Robelen’s philosophy of tailored, informed, advanced, and effective vein treatment options to help improve your life.
Treating Vein Ulcers on Medical Missions

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