Graduated Compression Hose

Varicose Vein Using Graduated Compression Hose

The First Step in Vein Treatment

The use of graduated compression hose, also known as compression stockings or compression therapy, is a conservative therapy that plays a key role in the treatment of varicose veins and other symptoms of vascular disease. Most insurance companies require the implementation of this treatment for a specific period of time (length of time may vary), and then be re-evaluated by a vein specialist, before they will cover other vascular treatment options.

Specially designed to relieve and reduce the symptoms of venous insufficiency

Although compression hose are made of woven elastic like other types of hosiery, compression stockings are made of much stronger elastics in order to apply significant pressure to the legs and affected veins. Simply put, they compress the limb. The effect is to reduce venous pressure and relieve symptoms of vascular disease including:

  • leg fatigue
  • aching or sensations of heaviness
  • swelling

How Compression Stockings Work as a Treatment

Compression stockings take pressure off the veins… temporarily. When the compression stockings exert pressure against the leg, they reduce the diameter of veins that are distended, or stretched out. This causes an increase in the rate (velocity) of the blood flow and in the effectiveness of the tiny valves inside the vein. Surface veins are compressed along with arteries and muscles, forcing the blood to flow through narrower channels.

The result is an increase in arterial pressure and an accompanying reduction in venous pressure, causing more blood to flow back to the heart and reducing the pooling of blood. It is important to remember, though, that compression stockings only work while being worn, and they do nothing to cure or resolve the underlying venous insufficiency. Our vein clinic can make recommendations regarding permanent vein treatment options when evaluating a patient’s experience with compression stockings.

Trust the Vascular Doctor at Southern Illinois Vein Center (SIVC)

For the best results with your vein treatment process, trust the skill and experience at our dedicated vein clinic. For compression hose to be effective, they must be sized properly for each individual, which requires experience and skill. Graduated compression stockings are so named because they exert pressure on the limb in a gradient fashion. They are generally tightest at the ankles, squeezing progressively less tightly up to just below the knee. In other words, there are precise pressures involved, so one size does not fit all, and vascular expertise is required.

At Southern Illinois Vein Center (located in Illinois and Kentucky), Doctor  Robelen brings advanced credentials and the experience of treating thousands of venous insufficiency cases to understanding your symptoms of vascular disease and how you can best benefit from compression stockings. He and his team of caring professionals know how to fit your compression therapy properly… and how to best adhere to and work with your insurance plan.

To schedule an appointment, call 618-998-8346 or request an appointment online. You can also contact Southern Illinois Vein Center directly via our contact form.



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