Varicose Vein Treatment Testimonials for Doctor Robelen and his Vein Clinic

What Patients Are Saying About SIVC

Here are just some of the things our patients are saying about Southern Illinois Vein Center and Doctor Robelen’s compassionate, leading-edge and results-focused approach to vein treatment.

“I just wanted to say thanks to Dr. Robelen and his wonderful staff for the new legs. I just got back from a family vacation and remembered how embarrassed I used to be to wear a bathing suit because of my ugly legs. No longer! The legs look and feel great. We are lucky to have you right here in Southern Illinois. Thanks again!”
— Regenna B., Illinois

“What a wonderful experience I had at your facility! From the moment I stepped foot through the front door into the beautiful family-room setting, I was impressed. Needless to say, when you told me the good news, that I didn’t have to wear the ol’ hose any more, I was ecstatic! So, thanks to all of you. I had such a good time that I want to come back!”
— Paula S., Illinois

“Just wanted you to know how pleased I am with the outcome of my vein treatment. Thank you, Dr. Robelen and the caring, friendly staff. I feel great!
— Lisa R. , Illinois

“I would definitely recommend the Southern Illinois Vein Center to anyone who is having issues with spider veins or varicose veins”
— Sherry L., Elizabethtown, IL

“It was really hard to work as a nurse all day and be on my feet. Since I’ve had my treatment, I’m a lot more active.”
— Emily B., Harrisburg, IL

“I had severe varicose veins, mostly in my right leg. Since I’ve had my treatment, I can go hiking with my daughter again.”
— Amber M., Stonefort, IL

“Whenever I would lay down, I had muscle cramps. I had good results right away.”
— John O., Harrisburg, IL

“I had four children, and I had a lot of varicose veins. It was completely pain-free.
I can wear shorts now and not feel bad that people are looking at my legs.”
— Melissa M., Harrisburg, IL

“I cannot say enough about how much better my legs feel and look. I was in so much pain. My legs itched, burned and felt like they weighed tons. Now I can say I am almost pain-free, and my legs look beautiful. Thank you!”
— Nancy H., Johnston City, IL

“My experience was fantastic. I am very pleased. My legs look great!”
— Kelly D., Marion, IL

“The treatment wasn’t as painful as I had expected. The results are great. My legs no longer hurt, especially after exercising, and my ankles no longer swell. The staff is very friendly and caring. I have recommended several people.”
— Darlene H., Carbondale, IL

“The staff was overwhelmingly friendly. Couldn’t ask for any better! The treatment results are excellent. I have recommended others to the Southern Illinois Vein Center.”
— D. G., Pinkneyville, IL

“The service at the Southern Illinois Vein Center was awesome. I couldn’t have gotten any better treatment. My legs are just fine now.”
— Eileen S., DeQuoin, IL

“Excellent place to come. The staff was wonderful. I would do it all over again.”
— L. W., Vienna, IL

“Everyone was very friendly. My vein problems were taken care of professionally. I will return to the Southern Illinois Vein Center if I ever have any more problems.”
— Donald M., Pinkneyville, IL

“I am very pleased with the treatment and the staff. I have referred my two daughters to the Southern Illinois Vein Center.”
— Linda W., Sparta, IL

“I have had varicose veins since I was a young woman. and through the years they got worse. I didn’t want to have surgery. I saw an ad for the vein center with Dr. Robelen, so I decided to see if he could help me. He said he could, and we checked with my health insurance, and they approved. I’ve had several sessions with laser and injections, and I’m very happy. I had given up hope, [I thought] that I would just have to live with varicose veins, but now I’m so glad I did this! There’s such an improvement. I’ll be wearing dresses, skirts and even shorts.”
— Brenda L.

“Thank you for making my procedure a pleasant experience. The results are amazing. Wish I hadn’t delayed and had this done sooner.”
— M. Brehm, Carbondale, IL

“The Southern Illinois Vein Center has done me a world of good. My legs no longer burn. Before treatment. my legs burned so badly that I couldn’t concentrate at my job. I have done great! I have no trouble at all. I will return to the Southern Illinois Vein Center if I ever need my other leg treated.”
— Dorothy L., Harrisburg, IL

“I had excellent treatment from start to finish. Everyone was concerned about how I was doing.”
— Paul C., Stonefort, IL

“Good service and good success! I have no complaints. My treatment was very successful. It was awesome. You couldn’t ask for a better doctor. He makes you feel special. It was a joy.”
— Virginia E.

“I had been to doctors for 20 years, and nobody could help me. My doctor sent me to Dr. Robelen. and he could. I am very happy with my treatment by the staff and the treatment of my legs.”
— Janet M., Elkville IL

“A very friendly staff. I was treated very nicely and very professionally. I am very pleased with my vein treatment.”
— Octave B., Marion IL

“I heard advertisements on TV and radio. I wasn’t sure if it was for me but made an appointment anyway. I was really happy with the evaluation. I had my veins ‘stripped’ 30 years ago. and it only made my veins worse. I thought I would just have to live with it. The treatment was fine. I had no real pain. I expected it to be much worse. I am so happy with the outcome. I feel better, I have no more swelling, and I look better.”
— Brenda L., Percy, IL

“My mother and grandmother referred me to Dr. Robelen. They both were being treated by him. During my pregnancy, my veins got big and bulgy and ached. The treatment sounds worse than it is. It was a piece of cake. I had no pain during or after the procedure. The result is wonderful. I can tell a world of difference. I have no more pain. I have told a lot of people about Dr. Robelen and the Southern Illinois Vein Center.”
— Martha N., Pinkneyville, IL

“My doctor referred me to Dr. Robelen after I showed him my black ankle. I had a vein burst in 2009 and had a couple of stitches. A year later, one burst again. I am very pleased to have been referred to Dr. Robelen. My ankle has lightened up, and I haven’t had any more veins burst. I’m glad I came for treatment. I would go again, if I needed to. I’m very pleased with the doctor and the nurses. It’s good to have someone in the area to treat vein disease.”
— Francis G., Marion IL

“I was referred to the SI Vein Center by my doctor. I was having pain with walking. I asked my doctor to refer me, and I no longer have the pain. I can walk, run and much more, pain-free. The procedures were wonderfully easy. I had great results; no more varicose veins. I can wear shorts again! The staff was wonderful. I would do it all again. I am telling everyone.”
— Annie G., Marion IL

“I heard about Dr. Robelen from TV ads and the billboard. I had varicose veins and leg pain. I had laser therapy in the past for my spider veins. I was very nervous about seeking treatment for my varicose veins, because of the stripping procedure. I was very happy to hear my varicose veins could be treated with the newest treatment, endovenous ablation. I was very happy with the treatment and the outcome and would recommend Southern Illinois Vein Center to others.”
— Tracy A., Du Quoin, IL

“I read about Southern Illinois Vein Center in the paper. I have had bulging varicose veins and pain for years, since I was young. I could not wear shorts, only capris. Everyone at SI Vein Center was wonderful. I felt so at ease. I was not afraid at all. The treatment was not that bad. It is worth it. The results are wonderful. Now I can wear shorts. I got a double bonus: No more pain and good looks! I would definitely do it again, and I will recommend others to the SI Vein Center.”
— Nancy H., Johnston City, IL

“I learned about the SI Vein Center at a seminar in Carbondale, IL. I was having lots of pain with varicose veins in my right leg. The treatment was easy and [and involved] simple-to-follow aftercare. The staff was the highlight of the visits. I would absolutely do it again and absolutely would refer others.”
— T.K., Herrin, IL

“I saw a newspaper ad, and I asked my doctor about it. He referred me to the Southern Illinois Vein Center. I had bad veins. They itched and were ugly. I had my veins ‘stripped’ when I was in my 40s. I have ugly scars up and down my leg that I will die with. The new treatment, the EVLT procedure, doesn’t leave any scars. I had a good time with the staff. I would definitely do it again, and I will refer people to SI Vein Center.”
— Kathryn G., Calvert City, KY

“I saw the SI Vein Center sign as I was driving by and decided to call. I had extreme varicose veins that hurt a lot after standing on my feet all day. The treatment was much easier than I thought it would be. I am very happy with the results. I will definitely refer someone to the SI Vein Center.”
— Ed G., Herrin, IL

“I had two years plus with painful throbbing and cramping legs. With what I call painless treatment, my leg problems have vanished. Dr. Robelen and his staff were very professional, kind and friendly.”
— Evelyn G., Marion, IL

“I feel fortunate to have seen the ad for the SI Vein Center and Dr. Robelen. My legs were tired, restless and painful. The doctor and his staff were prompt, proficient and caring. Dr. Robelen was right-on with his diagnosis. After the treatment, I feel like I have a new set of legs. I am thankful for highly trained professionals in this area.”
— Hazel S., Benton, IL

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